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Ok, I have 2 new batches started.  Both are in the primary stage. 

Primary of Peach Vanilla Nutmeg:
12 pounds of Orange Blossum Honey
2 packest of Lavin 71B yeast
1 tablespoon of Yeast Energizer (DAP)
1 tablespoon of Yeast Nutrient
4 gal of water

Primary for Lime Mint Vanilla:
Same as Peach Vanilla Nutmet but I added
3 tablespoons of Lime zest to the primary.

The honey I got from the Colorado Honey Company who deals in more bulk but sells in the gallon size.
I warmed up the honey in the sink so that it is more  pourable.  The honey didn't need heating up more than that so the process was quick.

The honey smells realy nice.  With the lime zest it had a definite lime citrus scent.

Both batches started fermenting with in a few hours and are happily bubbling away now.

In two weeks I will be making a Backberry Black Tea mead with some Alfalfa honey.  I plan on also helping my aprentice to make a 1 gal batch that she can take home and watch the changes in.  She likes photography so I suggested that she take a picture of it the same time each day or as close as each day that she can.  We will be taking hydrometer readings as well.  Hmm, given that she is in highschool maybe I could have her do a graph of the changes.  But the goal is to have a picture of the same thing and we can sort do a time elapse type of thing with it.  I thought that she would like this.  It is acelerating the teaching a bit but I think that mead making is more hands on type of experience that you only get when you do it.  That it is more fun actually doing it rather than helping someone else.

My homework for her was to research yeast types and honey types to find what she wants.  Basically, I just want her to take a look and begin to consider that there a lot of varieties of honey and yeast and find a match of the two to produce what she wants.  I did limit her to only a yeast and a honey choice so she is not making a meglithin or a melomel.  No spices and No fruit in this one.  Just honey, yeast, and water as even with that you still have lots of choices to make when putting together a recipie.  She is in charge of procuring her own honey and I am going with her to the home brew store for the yeast.  I need caps anyway and to see if they have Lactose for the up coming mead I have in January or so.

Back to the two meads started:  I plan on waiting to the secondary to add the Peaches that I have had in the freezer from the last batch of Peach Mead.  Also I have more Lime zest and about 3 cups of Lime Juice Frozen to add to the other.   And I have the whole nutmegs to crack open.  I figre 1/2 a whole nutmeg will do.  The Vanilla I have in home made extract form as well as the mint.  So all the peices are in place for the secondary.

On the Blackberry Black Tea I have to get the tea yet.  I am going to brew up a bunck of black tea and put that in the primary instead of putting the tea leaves in the secondary.  More control.

That's all for now


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