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So I have the Bamboo Jasmin "Oaking" on about 9 bamboo leaves.  I bought the bunch, probably about 30 or so for about $3.00.  They were really dried but had a nice scent.  So I put them in the steamer for about 5 minutes to rehydrate them a bit and open up the leaves a bit.  Smeelled great, I then put them it.  Plan on leaving them until my next time with my aprentice on July 7th.  So that will be nearly a month on the bamboo leaves.  If this works out well I may just "Oak" other meads with just the leaves as I have a bunch left.

So, Short post today.

Next up will be bottling the Trianry Toast and cleaning the carboys.  Then I need to get the new honey and get up to 3 new batches going.  I saw at costco yesterday Raspberries for $3.74 for a 18 oz container.  Doing the math of 1 pound is 16 oz for the Raspberry batch of 9 pounds would be: $30 and 10lbs 4 oz would be $ 37.40 Plus Taxes.  That brings another Raspberry batch into the fold.  Looks likely that I can get that Raspberry Thyme, touch of cinnomin for Jessie.  I just need to get money as I am currenty broke.  She had promised me that she could provide some compensation for 1/2 of that batch cost for my process and instruction on how to make it herself, as I cannot sell it to her.  I can accept donations for instruction and bottle storage.

But I will have to look over my notes on the other raspberry thyme and check to see how much I used.  That ended up being a 6 gal batch as I needed to backsweeten it alot.  So I cut the yeasties off a bit more and backsweeten better.

Sigh, I need to get more of the orange blossum honey and the buckwheat honey.  Unfortunately the same stuff was not availible fromt the same source.

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