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Well got a lot done over the week end.  I had some help from my new Apprentice.  She isn't really strong so lifting is not an option for her yet.  But here goes.

Bamboo Jasmin: First we backsweetened the Bamboo Jasmin mead.  Heated up the last of the orange blossum honey in about a 1/2 gallon and racked it onto it, also put in some Sparkloid as a stablizing agent.  It did sweeten it up a little but 2 pounds can only go so far.  Haven't oaked this yet, need more lightly toasted oak to put in.  I figured I would let this settle a bit first.

Tale of Three Toasts, Rockbitter:  This one didn't clear at all so I racked all of them on to some clarifying agent and hopefully this will be ready to bottle in about 5-6 weeks. 

Pumpkin Hazlenut:  Racked this one and tasted it.  Superb Hazlenut flavor.  This one is going to be Smooth.  Racked onto some Medium toasted Oak. 

Strawberry with Orange Blossum Honey: This one tastes great, still have a very light pink color but looks like it will end up being very smooth.  I racked this one on to meadium toasted oak.  Normally I would have done lightly toasted but I was out and my apprentice, after hearing what the different oak types are supposed to do said that she would like to see how the medium toasted oak would work.

Mango with Orange Blossum Honey:  Didn't taste this one, racked it, it had a lot of floating peices of mango in it.  May need to run this one through a screen at next racking.  Smelled GREAT though.

Blueberry Vanilla:  Racked this one onto some more sparkloid.  This one is going to be SMOOTH and very Sweet.  I think that I have 1/2 of this one paid for or at least re-imbersed on supplies on it.  But the vannilla addition took out the tartness of the lemon and blueberry and just made it yummy.  Really looking forward to this one being good.

Well that's all 8 of my active carboys.  Need to get more honey. and Bamboo leaves to oak the Bamboo Jasmin with.  Also out of Lightly Toasted Oak Chips.  So a run to the Home Brew Store is definitely in order.

Next up, in about 6 weeks, I will have my apprentice again and we shall bottle the Tale of Three Toasts.  Also, possibly take out the oak on all of them.  And Bamboo Leaf the Bamboo Jasmin.
Clean carboys and get set up for the new batches.  So my new apprentice can see the process from the start.

That's all for now.



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