Apr. 23rd, 2012

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So, got a lot done over the weekend that I have been putting off.  Thanks to my new aprentice, Amy.  A friend's kid.  My tenant calls me Darth Fermentus and her Darth Scrub.  Humorous but not neccessary.  Teaching her how to brew mead.

So here is what we accomplished:

Blueberry Vanilla:  Racked this off and added 1 cup of lemon juice to this 6 gal batch.  Also, I blended up 6 pounds of blueberies and ran through the strainer.  Then pored in.  It is now a nice purple color.   I will add the vanilla later, also will back sweeten it a bit because I got a request to make this very sweet.  I also plan on oaking it with some lightly toasted oak chips. 

Strawberry and Mango Meads:  Finally took out the fruit.  I shouldn't be suprised that it barely had any pulp left in the nylon back.  Most of it was in the mead.

Bamboo Jasmin:  This one, I got 1/2 oz of jasmin and tasted a bit in some boiled water and sugar.  It had a nice subtle taste so I added 1 cup of lemon juice to punch up the flavor a bit.  All in All it dropped quickly.  So maybe a touch of vanilla, stablizing, backsweetening,

Tale of 3 Toasts:  The rockbitter trio is holding up well, I amy need to rack it.  The mead hasn't cleared yet.

Oh and also de-labled 4 cases of bottles as it was a nice day.

Next up with the aprentice may be to do more bottles and to possilbe bottle the Tale of 3 Toasts.  I may need to rack it this again.  It does have some sediment and is a bit cloudy.

That's all for now,


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