Jan. 9th, 2012

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Ok, Got lots of stuff done on Sunday:

Started 2 primaries with orange blossom honey.  I had to spoon the honey out as it was not even semi-liquid.  It was more like a hard cream.  The honey had an orangey look and smelled nice and oh my god tasted really good.  It was a bit of a bitch getting it out.  I don't think that it will get harder but it's 1/2 crystalized already.  I hope that I wont be taking a chissle to it.  Don't laugh, it's a possiblity.  But The flavor was worth it.  I could do just a traditional and be happy with it.  So I got the two batches going with some Lavin D47 yeast as it is highly unlikely to get over 70 degrees in the hearth room, in the winter/spring.  Now in the summer it's a consern.  That's why I have the Lavin 71B which has a higher temp tollerance, up to about 82.  When you go over the temp tolerance the yeast produce what are called Fusels, which are a type of alcohol that tastes alcoholic and "Hot" and doesn't age out quickly or at all in some cases.  So Lavin D-47 has a temp of up to 70 degrees but likes the lower end, down to about 55 degrees.  Perfect for fall/winter/spring.  Summer ferments need to use the Lavin 71B which is tollerant of up to about 82 degrees and is completely ok in the range of 65-75. 

The two primaries are destined for my Strawberry and for my Mango meads.  Yum.  Can't wait till the primary is done, about 2 weeks to a month from now.

Then I racked the Tale of 3 toasts and took out the oak.  So all that is left there is clearing.  I didn't hit it up with some of the fining agent, sparkloid, to clear it.  It should be fine.

Then I racked and took out the pumpkin and spice bag out of the Pumpkin Hazelnut.  This one was cloudy as all hell but that should clear up.  I think that it is going to be an orangy amber when done.  Smelled good and tasted ok. 

I did not touch the Chocolate and Chocolate Mint.  Those I had thought of puting in come calcium carbonate to lower the acidity, But I don't think that I really need it.  I already backsweetened this.  So All I need to take out the oak in one, rack one more time, then wait and bottle.  Should be ready to bottle in a  month or so.  Then the long wait of about 1 1/2 years for aging.  When I bottle these, I hope to move the Strawberry and Mango on to their fruit into the buckets that these are in.  So, I hope that it will only be a month.  Then I will have 2 more carboys open. Should be 2-3 months before I can bottle the Trinary toast.  So as my scedual is conserned, 2 primaries that will be the Bamboo Jasmin and Blueberry vanilla should go down in spring, summer/fall for anything else.  And I would need honey late summer or fall.  Prob for the next Pumpkin batch,  Hmm, Pumpkin Vanilla?  Or something vanilla, I got enough of it.

On the non-brewing end, I should have 3 cups of vanilla extract ready at the end of this month.  And be ready to start the second run of the same beans.  I am thinking on possible doing more almond and letting it go longer, toasting the almond first, then hit it with the cofee grinder, then in the alcohol.

So upcoming projects: Spring: Bamboo Jasmin, Bluberry Vanilla, Fall: Vanilla Lime, Pumpkin Something
Then Who knows.  I will have to check what I want to make.  Maybe a Cranberry.  I was also thinking a Chocolate Orange as I have 1 pound of the chocolate beans still.  Could be good but 1/2 as much chocolate that I put in the chocolate batches.

That's all for now.



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